Meagan and Ty

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Meagan and Ty braved the potential rain to shoot with me last week.  We were lucky enough to catch the one hour of no rain that day! We shot in the unassuming back of Cook Park in Tigard, OR.  To get to this beautiful part of the park you have to manage to bypass the soccer fields, baseball fields, and playground.  If you make it far enough you will find beautiful tree groves and a dock along the Tualatin River. I had the pleasure of shooting this adorable couple’s wedding a few years back, they are still just as giddy and cute as that magical day!

Merry Christmas!



I took Hannah out to get some not so typical senior shots.  She wanted something urban and non-traditional.  So we went to East Portland and SW Portland.  We even made friends with the firefighters at a local station.  They were so kind as to let us “borrow” their truck!  We had a great time and Hannah was a piece of cake to shoot, just look at her, she’s gorgeous!

DSC_0027 DSC_0083 DSC_0107 DSC_0059e DSC_0163e DSC_0191 DSC_9982

We thought we would throw a field in there too, for good measure.