Nikki & Blake

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If I had to chose only three words to describe Nikki and Blake it would be funny, wild and head over heals in love! Okay, so that last one was actually seven words, but you get the picture.  And their wedding was exactly the same.  The girls started getting ready at their hotel with Chelsea x2 doing hair and makeup.  That isn’t their business name, there were two gals and they were both named Chelsea! Spelled differently though I am told. Nikki was surrounded by wonderful friends, her sister, her mother and her grandmother, who I can tell all share a very special bond.  I was so happy that you could really that come through in the pictures.

The gentlemen, flasks in hand, were having a great time giving Blake a hard time.  These were the guys you want at your party, they have fun rain or shine, get everyone smiling and dancing and having a good time.  Needless to say we had some fun with their “guys shoot”.

The wedding took place at Troutdale House in Troutdale. It is a beautiful venue.  The brides room up stair was stellar! Lots of room and beautiful ambiance! The Troutdale house sits right in front of a railroad track, which we found out it is very much still in use! During our formals, right as I had almost the whole bridal party up on the tracks, we hear the whistle blow! After everyone got off the tracks we seized the moment  and used the moving train as our backdrop for some very romantic pictures, although I felt bad for the bridesmaids who had to do some seriously fast walking in gravel to get off the tracks, sorry ladies!

The ceremony was beautiful, the groom, Blake made a beautiful arch way out of mossy branches for their ceremony.  The rain held off through the entire ceremony! In October here in Oregon you just never know what you will get.  It certainly did not rain on this parade!

Congratulations Nikki & Blake, your wedding was amazing!





Sweet little Jonah and his family posed for some pictures before his baptism at Holy Trinity in Beaverton.  It was hot outside but we managed to find some shade.  Here are some of my fave’s from the day.  I was really happy with the black and white’s, I’ve always been a little partial to the black and whites but these really stood out.

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Sophie and Nick

Carrie and I had the honor of shooting Sophie and Nick’s wedding in May.  It was a perfect day, the weather cooperated, everyone was happy we couldn’t ask for better conditions!  This group was a lot of fun and so laid back.  We had fun shooting on the playground equipment at St. Cecilia’s in Beaverton.  The happy couple zipped away right after the reception to their getaway honeymoon in Vegas!

Thanks so much Sophie and Nick for letting us photograph your special day!

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