Bennett Family

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April Hill Park in SW Portland was our host for the morning as I photographed the Bennett family.  This is such a cute neighborhood park.  We found lots of great places to use for our setting.  Talk about a sweet family! These two sisters are adorable together.  Sabrina just adores her big sis!

Thanks Bennett family for such a great shoot!


Janine’s Maternity

Here is the rest of the shoot… We had a fun time playing around and managed to even get a bit of photography squeezed in 🙂  We visited Overlook Park in Portland to finish off the shoot.  The trees there are simply amazing! Janine had a beautiful floral henna designed on her cute belly.  Finch is so excited to be a big sister.  I can’t wait to meet the new little one!

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Faces of Finch

A few days ago I visited Finch, her mommy, daddy and her (soon to enter the world sister) to take some pictures.  Finch was a girl after my own heart, she wanted to do some of her own creating too, so I shared my camera with her (she is a very responsible 2, almost 3 year old!).  So I took some pictures of her, then we traded and she got to be the photographer.  She took pictures of daddy’s feet, piglet’s ear, half of mommy’s head and she had a great time!  I did as well.  As I was going through the pictures from this shoot, I laughed out loud at the following series of pictures.  This will give you a good idea of how much fun we had… I have cleverly titled this series of photo’s: Faces of Finch

(The rest of the shoot will be appearing soon, I just had to get these shots out there!)

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Robin and Dave

So cute and sweet and perfect for each other are Robin and Dave!  Carrie and I photographed their intimate beach wedding this September.  The couple chose to exchange vows at Ona Beach Park and celebrated with friends in nearby Newport OR.

Dave and Robin had wine glasses etched with the verse; “come what may”.  And I can tell you that this verse fits them so well.  They were the most welcoming, easygoing happy couple.  They were excited but relaxed and that made all the difference in their pictures.  The smiles flowed like water and the laughter was always present.  Their adorable daughter Cora was picture perfect and oh so sweet! I was really an amazing event!

And here are some of our favorite shots from the day…

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Andrea and Wayne’s pride and joy

These boys are some of the sweetest, cutest, little guys I have come across.   I’ve photographed both boys since they were babies and now they are full of life and bouncing around all over the place! Well, Wyatt a little more than his little brother Asher, but I’m sure he’ll be giving him a run for his money soon enough.  What a fun family, they were singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, jumping of the hay bale and I even had a kiss blown to me 🙂

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Erin’s Maternity

A few years back Carrie and I shot Erin and Bryan’s wedding, so needless to say I was absolutely elated to hear they were having a baby and that I would be shooting the maternity and soon Henry’s first photo shoot!  Erin had her beautiful belly heenaed, I just loved that Henry was spelled out in the roots of the tree.  We shot at their place which is beautiful thanks to Bryan’s handy work and Erin’s green thumb!  It was a great shoot and I can’t wait to meet little Henry soon.

Here are just a few of some of my favorite shots of the day.

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Sweet little Jonah and his family posed for some pictures before his baptism at Holy Trinity in Beaverton.  It was hot outside but we managed to find some shade.  Here are some of my fave’s from the day.  I was really happy with the black and white’s, I’ve always been a little partial to the black and whites but these really stood out.

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Jessica and Michael

There is nothing like a hot summer wedding!  We spent the day along the Willamette River shooting the wedding of Jessica and Michael.  It was an amazingly beautiful day in Portland.  It was an amazing feeling as the wind blew a cool breeze off the river, which was well needed asa the temps ran up into the 80’s.   The guys kept their cool even though they were decked out head to toe in formal attire.   We had a lot of fun with they guy’s hats!  Fun is actually a great way to describe this wedding; there was a silly photo booth for guest to use compliments of  A Beat Above Entertainment, a whole pig roasting in the giant BBQ pit and a unique guestbook complete with markers to add illustrations.  Jessica and Michael were adorable together, even when they covered each others faces in cake!

It was truly a wonderful event!

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Sophie and Nick

Carrie and I had the honor of shooting Sophie and Nick’s wedding in May.  It was a perfect day, the weather cooperated, everyone was happy we couldn’t ask for better conditions!  This group was a lot of fun and so laid back.  We had fun shooting on the playground equipment at St. Cecilia’s in Beaverton.  The happy couple zipped away right after the reception to their getaway honeymoon in Vegas!

Thanks so much Sophie and Nick for letting us photograph your special day!

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