Nikki & Blake

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If I had to chose only three words to describe Nikki and Blake it would be funny, wild and head over heals in love! Okay, so that last one was actually seven words, but you get the picture.  And their wedding was exactly the same.  The girls started getting ready at their hotel with Chelsea x2 doing hair and makeup.  That isn’t their business name, there were two gals and they were both named Chelsea! Spelled differently though I am told. Nikki was surrounded by wonderful friends, her sister, her mother and her grandmother, who I can tell all share a very special bond.  I was so happy that you could really that come through in the pictures.

The gentlemen, flasks in hand, were having a great time giving Blake a hard time.  These were the guys you want at your party, they have fun rain or shine, get everyone smiling and dancing and having a good time.  Needless to say we had some fun with their “guys shoot”.

The wedding took place at Troutdale House in Troutdale. It is a beautiful venue.  The brides room up stair was stellar! Lots of room and beautiful ambiance! The Troutdale house sits right in front of a railroad track, which we found out it is very much still in use! During our formals, right as I had almost the whole bridal party up on the tracks, we hear the whistle blow! After everyone got off the tracks we seized the moment  and used the moving train as our backdrop for some very romantic pictures, although I felt bad for the bridesmaids who had to do some seriously fast walking in gravel to get off the tracks, sorry ladies!

The ceremony was beautiful, the groom, Blake made a beautiful arch way out of mossy branches for their ceremony.  The rain held off through the entire ceremony! In October here in Oregon you just never know what you will get.  It certainly did not rain on this parade!

Congratulations Nikki & Blake, your wedding was amazing!




Robin and Dave

So cute and sweet and perfect for each other are Robin and Dave!  Carrie and I photographed their intimate beach wedding this September.  The couple chose to exchange vows at Ona Beach Park and celebrated with friends in nearby Newport OR.

Dave and Robin had wine glasses etched with the verse; “come what may”.  And I can tell you that this verse fits them so well.  They were the most welcoming, easygoing happy couple.  They were excited but relaxed and that made all the difference in their pictures.  The smiles flowed like water and the laughter was always present.  Their adorable daughter Cora was picture perfect and oh so sweet! I was really an amazing event!

And here are some of our favorite shots from the day…

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Jessica and Michael

There is nothing like a hot summer wedding!  We spent the day along the Willamette River shooting the wedding of Jessica and Michael.  It was an amazingly beautiful day in Portland.  It was an amazing feeling as the wind blew a cool breeze off the river, which was well needed asa the temps ran up into the 80’s.   The guys kept their cool even though they were decked out head to toe in formal attire.   We had a lot of fun with they guy’s hats!  Fun is actually a great way to describe this wedding; there was a silly photo booth for guest to use compliments of  A Beat Above Entertainment, a whole pig roasting in the giant BBQ pit and a unique guestbook complete with markers to add illustrations.  Jessica and Michael were adorable together, even when they covered each others faces in cake!

It was truly a wonderful event!

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Sophie and Nick

Carrie and I had the honor of shooting Sophie and Nick’s wedding in May.  It was a perfect day, the weather cooperated, everyone was happy we couldn’t ask for better conditions!  This group was a lot of fun and so laid back.  We had fun shooting on the playground equipment at St. Cecilia’s in Beaverton.  The happy couple zipped away right after the reception to their getaway honeymoon in Vegas!

Thanks so much Sophie and Nick for letting us photograph your special day!

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Nick and Jane

You would never know that there were crazy snow storms two days before this wedding.  The weather was warm and sunny on Jane and Nick’s day!  What a beautiful wedding at Our Lady of Sorrows Church in South East Portland.  Jane and Nick were ear to ear smiles all day long.   After the Ceremony everyone headed over to McMenamins  Edgefield for an evening of dining dancing and good times. Jane, Nick and I toured around the grounds getting some great shots in all the numerous fantastic spots and hideaways that adorn the Edgefield grounds.  Thanks so much Jane and Nick for allowing me to capture your amazing day!

Here are some of my favorite shots of the day…

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Abby and Jim



Jim and Abby’s wedding was set in the lush Bridal Veil Lake Gardens.  This property has amazing landscaping and hidden treasures all around.  We had no trouble finding beautiful picturesque places to shoot.   They have everything from water features to wild flowers.  In fact Abby, our beautiful bride, boated into the ceremony and the happy couple boated out after the ceremony to the reception which was on the other side of the lake.  There were so many great personal touches that really made this wedding unique, my favorite were the hand carved Mr. and Mrs. signs that hung from the head table (we used them in one of their shots).

Everyone had such a fun time there.  This venue even boasts multiple canoes so the guests get to have a little water fun too.   But this group really didn’t need any help in the fun department; they were laughing, dancing and limboing the night away.

Jim and Abby had a wonderful wedding and we were so happy to be able to be there and capture the memories for them.  Here are some of my favorite pics from the day…

Congrats and Thanks Abby & Jim!

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Addie and Jarrod

This wedding was absolutely gorgeous and fun.  The bride and groom who call Australia their home said their nuptials in front of 300+ family and friends at the brides family farm in the Willamette Valley.  The Weather was wonderful not to hot, not chilly, and no liquid sunshine!

This bunch was so much fun and I must say I shot things that I have never shot before… Yes, that beautiful bride in her exquisite gown climbed a tree!  I have to say that when I get a group of people like this, it makes my job so much easier.  This group was all about fun and it really shows in their pictures.  They were climbing, jumping, sitting, and  laughing their way through the formals.

I really love my job 🙂



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Jessica and Austin

Congrats Jessica and Austin.  Your wedding was wonderful and we are so glad we were able to capture the beautiful, fun and unforgettable moments of your special day.

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Cassia and Justin

Cassia and Justin had a fantastic wedding!  The event took place at Persimmons Country Club in Gresham, OR.  I have to say the staff there were great.  We were escorted around the grounds in a golf cart during Cassia and Justin’s formals, it really made the formals easy and we covered so much ground and were able to shoot in multiple locations and quickly!

Justin had no idea where we were going as he was blindfolded until we reached the first look destination on the course.   We had a blast shooting and it really shows.  We were all laughing the majority of the time.

As you can tell from the pictures, Cassia and Justin enjoy golf… I’m pretty sure Persimmons is Justin’s second home.  We had fun infusing the sport into their pictures!

Thanks so much Cassia and Justin for letting Carrie and I be a part of your special day.  It was truly amazing!


Hollee and Jose

Ah, the vineyard in the fall… Does it get any better than this?  Hollee and Jose were married at the Elk Cove Vineyard in Gaston OR.  October weather in Oregon can be petty sketchy to say the least, but on this day it was an absolutely gorgeous fall day.   Here are some fave’s from the day…

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Jose was pretty adorable as he waited for Hollee amidst the vines.  Wich by the way were ripe for the picking.  Carrie and I taste tested some, consensus: delicious!   These two were great troopers as we shot in the middle of the vineyard, tromped up and down dirt filled roads, they were great!

182j F020


Mr. Luke, Hollee’s nephew, was picture perfect.  I think we can all see this blue-eyed babe was cuter than cute!  Not to mention he had personality to boot!



Not exactly the most common wedding picture, but who say’s common is a good thing?  I love this shot Carrie took of Luke, remember what I said about personality?  There’s your proof…


The Chicken Dance!  Please note almost the entire crowd is taking part, including Grandma, who was grinning from ear to ear. This group knew how to celebrate!


Congrats Hollee and Jose!