Ahhhh the blog…  So come on in, have a seat and see what I have been up to lately.  I have been shooting weddings now for more than a decade and I have to say “I LOVE my job!”.  My intention for this blog is to show my current work and gush about how much I love photography.

Once upon a time  I was a straight film shooter.  I spent hours in darkroom developing black and white landscapes and whatever else I had found worthy of shooting recently (which was anything from sunrise through a broken window to orchards).  After many happy years I discovered a new love; digital SLR’s.  While I still have all my film equipment, it has been sitting packed way for some time.  Just as the equipment changed, so did the image on the other end of my lens.  I fell in love with wedding photography and found that a marriage between my first love, landscapes and my new love, wedding photography resulted in a beautiful picture story of one of the happiest day’s in people’s lives.  It’s magic every time.  Even after many years it never gets old.

Have fun exploring and let me know if you would like me to capture your memories for you…



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