Cassia and Justin

Cassia and Justin had a fantastic wedding!  The event took place at Persimmons Country Club in Gresham, OR.  I have to say the staff there were great.  We were escorted around the grounds in a golf cart during Cassia and Justin’s formals, it really made the formals easy and we covered so much ground and were able to shoot in multiple locations and quickly!

Justin had no idea where we were going as he was blindfolded until we reached the first look destination on the course.   We had a blast shooting and it really shows.  We were all laughing the majority of the time.

As you can tell from the pictures, Cassia and Justin enjoy golf… I’m pretty sure Persimmons is Justin’s second home.  We had fun infusing the sport into their pictures!

Thanks so much Cassia and Justin for letting Carrie and I be a part of your special day.  It was truly amazing!



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