Hollee and Jose

Ah, the vineyard in the fall… Does it get any better than this?  Hollee and Jose were married at the Elk Cove Vineyard in Gaston OR.  October weather in Oregon can be petty sketchy to say the least, but on this day it was an absolutely gorgeous fall day.   Here are some fave’s from the day…

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Jose was pretty adorable as he waited for Hollee amidst the vines.  Wich by the way were ripe for the picking.  Carrie and I taste tested some, consensus: delicious!   These two were great troopers as we shot in the middle of the vineyard, tromped up and down dirt filled roads, they were great!

182j F020


Mr. Luke, Hollee’s nephew, was picture perfect.  I think we can all see this blue-eyed babe was cuter than cute!  Not to mention he had personality to boot!



Not exactly the most common wedding picture, but who say’s common is a good thing?  I love this shot Carrie took of Luke, remember what I said about personality?  There’s your proof…


The Chicken Dance!  Please note almost the entire crowd is taking part, including Grandma, who was grinning from ear to ear. This group knew how to celebrate!


Congrats Hollee and Jose!


2 thoughts on “Hollee and Jose

  1. great pics of the arreola wedding.love all your work too.how can i buy a copy of the chicken dance pic? i will recomend u to all my friends too. thanks

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