Trash the Dress: Carrie

Carrie gave up the camera to be model for the day and we trashed her dress, Urban PDX style.  We ventured all around Portland, we went to the North end, we went to the Ross Island Bridge and we finished at the fountain at Tom McCall Waterfront Park where we attracted quite a crowd.  Carrie was a supreme trooper and she had a blast!  Really I did too.  I also had a super PA with me that day too as well as my junior shooter (my daughter), we all had a great time!

There were so many great shots from this shoot, it was really hard to pick just a few, but I did my best…

DSC_7469e DSC_7503

DSC_7595e DSC_7708e


DSC_7744e DSC_7771e

DSC_7807e DSC_7848e




6 thoughts on “Trash the Dress: Carrie

    • Thanks, the trash can was actually Carrie’s idea. And no, it was just for show, she took the dress home with her. I’m pretty sure it can be cleaned and stored still.

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