Rob and Rowda

Rob and Rowda were married on September 5th.  Their ceremony took place at the old Pioneer Church in Sellwood, OR.  There was just enough cloud cover to get great light but along with those clouds came rain.  Team R & R (Rob and Rowda) saw that rain as a good luck charm, are they true blue portlanders or what?!   The Old Pioneer Church is classic Sellwood style, beautifully restored and exploding with charm.

I didn’t find the personalized M&Ms until the very end of the reception, just in time to snap a quick one before they were packed away.  I bet R & R snacked on those on their way to their honey moon! ( I would have!)


DSC_6690 DSC_5822 DSC_5871

The ladies got ready together along with Gizmo (she’s the furry one).  Pretty sure she was the diva out of the bunch, but she posed wonderfully

DSC_5901 DSC_5745eDSC_6011e DSC_6092

Best man Joel, sticks the groom.  Good thing he was wearing dark colors to hid any accidental injuries!


I love this shot of Rowda, she is waiting and anticipating the start of the ceremony.


DSC_6651 DSC_6672

DSC_6877e DSC_7032e

After the ceremony the group headed over to the Smile Station just a few blocks away to toast and celebrate the newly married couple.  Maid of Honor, Eden, gave a funny and sentimental toast that brought tears to the eyes.


One thought on “Rob and Rowda

  1. I love these pic’s they are really pretty.
    Rowda is so so so pretty.

    P.S they used my pink umbrella
    sincerely ,
    photographer’s daughter!

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