Tracy and Josh

So, any guesses on the location….

No, it’s not Maui…

No, it’s not California…

No, it’s not the gulf coast…

okay, okay, you guessed it, it’s the Oregon Coast.  Cannon Beach to be specific.  But it may as well have been Maui! There was no wind, warm temps and the water wasn’t so cold either!

The Surfsand resort was the place to be that day.  Tracy and Josh had a beach house and a hotel room at the resort.  I stayed with the girls at the resort and Carrie hung out with the boys at the beach house before the big moment.




While Tracy was getting ready, Josh came into the hotel room to get some finishing touches put on his hair, Tracy wasn’t taking any risks of Josh seeing her… yes she is crouched on the pot in hiding!  I absolutely love this pic!


Carrie caught Mom giving her little boy one last pinch!  Oh, you are sooooo handsome! ( I imagine she is saying)


The ceremony began with the sand isle covered in floral bliss, pineapples lined the isle as well, see, it could have been Maui!


And off to your left is Haystack Rock, one of the most famous land marks along the Oregon Coast.  The beach was littered with people, after all it was a superb day at the beach.  But in this moment no one else exists!


Here is the first kiss, and they just about never stopped all night long!


The guests threw flowers as the couple walked out as husband and wife.  Just look at  Josh’s face, he  was truly a happy, happy, happy groom!


After the ceremony The bridal party hung out on the beach as the rest of the guests went to the gardens for a cocktail hour.  We decided since the weather was so beautiful to have a race… that’s right I said a race!  To the waves and back!

Above was my angle… Below was Carrie’s angle.



This gorgeous surfer chic bride wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty as she scrolled a love note in the sand for her new hubby!


I need not say anything at all…


These girls were the best! They had no fear entering the waters of the Oregon Coast, I love it when you forget you are in the middle of a shoot and are just having fun, thats where the best shots are taken!


This time the threshold was not a door to a house but the expanse of a sea.


After our play time at the beach the couple headed over to the Haystack Gardens for a full reception featuring a full coastal menu for dinner.  Crab legs any one?  And after they ate, they danced…


This blog post just wouldn’t be complete with out a tribute to Anthony!  Here is Mom dancing with her little man.  The song was ” steal my kisses” by Ben Harper, Tracy said that was her song to Anthony, because “she always has to steal my kisses from him”.   He is almost 4 and always on the go, oh yeah he moonlights as Buzz Light Year!  We hit it off right away, after all I am Jessie (a Toy Story reference in case you don’t watch kids movies!)

intrigue images


One thought on “Tracy and Josh

  1. O M G i love love love love these pics cause im a surfer chic 2 i love the ocean.


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